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Functional (+Aesthetics)

Tailored programs to improve overall health & body composition


manual Therapy

Manipulating the musculoskeletal system to reduce tension, improve mobility & rehabilitation



Enhance your food mentality & practice


Athletic Performance

Creating specified sport programs to improve performance


Postural & Biomechanics

Imbalance correction for pain free functional movement



Improve your mentality & commitment to exercise & movement 


metabolic conditioning

Endurance Conditioning & Cardiovascular Function


Balance & fall prevention

Coordination, Movement, & Injury Prevention



All sessions are offered as private One-on-One or as a Group session with those you trust to support your healthy lifestyle!

performance & education blend these methods

Case Review

The case review phase provides a full analysis of your case including tools for immediate relief, nutrition & lifestyle plan, an individualized exercise/movement program specific to discussed target goals, and an outline of the steps needed to achieve optimal health. 

-Initial Consultation (60min)

-Follow Up (60min)- review of finding and weekly workout sessions 

-Target Goal Development 

-Custom Exercise Program including nutrition and lifestyle objectives 

- Includes outside time of appointments for case review, research, support and accountability

Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is a time to tell your story, experience, and concerns and be heard. We will discuss your current lifestyle, your medical and health history, and what’s preventing you from achieving the optimal health you are capable of. We will identify the missing and overlooked steps that are essential to uncovering the root causes of your health situation. Then we will create an action plan to provide immediate relief, a nutrition & lifestyle plan to create a foundation for healing, and gather the additional information we need to determine the underlying imbalances that need to be resolved so you can feel your best.

-Tell your story and be heard 

-Review health and medical history 

-Investigate potential additional specialty referrals 

-Recommendations for immediate relief/improvement 

-Discuss program options for individualized care 

Follow Up Consultation

Patients share thoughts of initial consultation and plan (an in-depth discovery is rare in common healthcare practice).  During this consultation, I will explain my findings in regards to your health history and current lifestyle to connect the dots between the underlying imbalances found and the symptoms you have been struggling with. I will provide an outline of the steps to resolve underlying issues, and an individualized program for your first phase of healing.

-Review of initial consultation findings and research

-Explanation of underlying causes of potential symptoms/conditions

-Outline of necessary steps to achieve goals

-Custom exercise programming including diet and lifestyle objective

Virtual Consult

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Health Questionnaire

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