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Be Strong
Never Quit

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who's Alyssa?

Your own private Exercise Physiologist! I want to help you discover a new fitness from hidden potential by uncovering what’s holding you back and targeting the true cause of your pain. I will analyze your symptoms, run functional tests, create a custom program, support you through it, and teach you how to make your results last a lifetime!

Track Record

B.S. in Kinesiology 


Sports Nutritionist

Plant-Based Nutritionist

CPR/AED Healthcare

Alyssa Strong is a certified American College of Sports Medicine-Exercise Physiologist and Sports Nutritionist. She uses her experience as a Corporate Wellness Director, Medical Nutrition Specialist, and Fitness Professional to strategize individualized programs to improve fitness for clients in any condition and environment. Her experience allows her to lead clients to deeper introspection, improving their relationship and commitment to exercise and movement. She started using a Whole Food, Plant-Based approach over 5 years ago and can’t resist teaching the endless benefits of the healthy lifestyle that changed her life. Alyssa utilizes her education, experience and dedication to guide patients to

                                                                                                        Be Strong, and Never Quit. 

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